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I'm a big fan of this art style. The high contrast and simple shapes make this really stylized.

Crazy amount of detail and great contrast between the low saturation characters and vibrant background. The bullets in the foreground are a bit distracting, especially with the blur effect on them.

This is a really cool concept, I'd like to see the folding/unfolding of this character animated! Certain parts of the body lack a bit of detail, and the wheel itself really just looks like three concentric circles.

Zechetto responds:

yeah, the left/closed version is without perspective or depth. It's purposely made that way for study reasons, that's how I get to the right version one. I don't really wanted to make a detailed concept. Just a study, but I like it very much how it gets to the spirit of the character and I do love the painting.

By the way, this is one of my first paintings with a brush I made from scratch, and is much better developed now

The film grain texture is cool and I like the texture on the legs (especially the musculature.) The anatomy in general is just great (like the proportions of the arms,) but the clothed part of the model could use a bit more texture, either some basic shading or more exaggerated lighting to make the outfit look like latex. Either way it's bizarre seeing the juxtaposition between detailed legs and a less detailed torso.

I like the colors a lot, the high contrast, macabre color palate, and cute animals remind me a bit of Happy Tree Friends, if the imagery were more occult than gore. I especially like how the character at the top is lit from the bottom.

Really bright and vibrant, I really like the colors! The mushroom at the bottom looks a little rushed and the shape/texture of the tree branches at the top look weirdly bulbous, with strange lighting.

citrusmillie responds:

thank you for your comments and feedback!! I've been trying to find places to get more of that, haha. Appreciate it lots

Really cool piece. The color scheme is very Madness, and the ragged outlines really give this a grainy aesthetic.

I really love this high contrast black and white style. Very high fidelity on the glow, film grain, and overall effects on the television as well.

Wow. You really never fail to impress. Twisted Metal seems like something right up your alley, but you really went above and beyond with the 90s box art style, as well as the slightly faded colors and font and honestly everything. The fact that the grotesqueness that your style normally exudes takes a backseat to the specific style you're going for really showcases your versatility.

I'm not sure whether this is more funny or creepy. The deadpan expression juxtaposes so well with the way Pikachu has always looked. The outlines and shading definitely have a more serious bend to them than the typical cartoon style used in Pokemon.

Maybe "decomposing Pikachu" should be the next Pikachu meme.

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