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I actually found this looking for the music from Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality, only to find the guy that made Castle used it in a 2005 animation? Wow!

The cinematography and timing of the audio is really fantastic here. The art and animation are serviceable but look almost more like an animatic than a finished product. Then again, for over 3 minutes of animation it would have taken forever for something like this to be as fleshed out as a more polished product, and that's not taking into account that even the very best Flash animations in 2005 didn't look much better than this. A few sequences feel drawn out when it's obvious you were trying to get later sections to sync with the music but overall this looks great.

This reminds me a lot of Jehtt's redubs, although a bit more shitposty of a vibe with the intentionally bad animations, graphical glitches, and random swearing.

I like Sonic shitposts in general (the "plus I'm in hell" really got me) but this is really too short for the humor contained within it. Bare minimum I think the audience should have at least seen the aftermath of the his bowl.

ZabuJard responds:

i hate all e stars including jehtt, thnx for review, the point of this (side point) where the humor is for me is that u dont SEE the climax, u totally miss the ending, the taking away of thw whole point of the cartoon is like a funny spit in the face of the v iewer, it comes out of nowhere, and ends nowhere, imo

I really liked the comment you made to the effect of new tools not being made to solve old problems, it's a really compelling argument for Flash as an artistic medium being impossible to replace (even if the technology is.)

Putting that aside, the visual effects are really cool and trippy (sometimes painful on the eyes) but what I really liked was the moment I realized that the visual effects and what you were saying were related - there really are a ton of things going on here that would be difficult or impossible to recreate with other software, and the smorgasbord of frame by frame animations piled on top of the effects helped to give context to what you were talking about (though I wish you had included more of them.)

My only real criticism is that one of the voices toward the end of the animation had such poor audio quality I struggled to understand it.

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The idea is there but it's a bit lacking. Longer and smoother animations, more options, and a bit more detail in the graphics would have gone a long way. For a week's worth of effort it's not bad.

The sound really carries this game. There are plenty of unironically bad Flash platformers and without the music it would be significantly harder to determine if the low quality was intentional. Much like Pretentious Game, the joke lands, but the actual gameplay is tiresome. Faster movement speed and gravity would have allowed the player to get through the entirety of the game before getting annoyed.

I never know how to rate spam crew submissions, especially since the graphics in this one are actually pretty high-effort but still doesn't require much more than moving from one screen to another without any real problem solving or puzzles.

There are plenty of reasons this isn't engaging as a game, but not much you could realistically do to change it without essentially creating an entirely new game.

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I'm an easy target for djent stuff, and this is damn good. A tad repetitive, but enough changeups to keep it from being a glaring issue (with it going full Doom toward the end.) Mixing is a little muddy but otherwise tight.

I like the layering a lot, but I'm kind of lukewarm on the sample choice. The drums are a little weak, and sometimes it just feels like there's too much going on, especially with the samples being kind of short and repetitive.

Curious to see how this sounds with vocals over it, the tone is different and the 3/4 time signature would be challenging to spit to.

glitchs2d responds:

Thanks for the feedback. The beat may still change a bit by the time the full album is done. I have been listening to a lot of Ka and Roc Marciano recently, which is why the drums are on the weaker side. Honestly, I may remove them altogether in the end.

The flow of this song is atypical, to say the least. Most of the project is pretty traditional, but I really wanted to break out of the typical hip-hop structure for a few tracks to push my creativity.

Great tone and wonderfully groovy. Fantastic production. Melody could stand to be a bit more complex.

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I'm a big fan of this art style. The high contrast and simple shapes make this really stylized.

Crazy amount of detail and great contrast between the low saturation characters and vibrant background. The bullets in the foreground are a bit distracting, especially with the blur effect on them.

This is a really cool concept, I'd like to see the folding/unfolding of this character animated! Certain parts of the body lack a bit of detail, and the wheel itself really just looks like three concentric circles.

Zechetto responds:

yeah, the left/closed version is without perspective or depth. It's purposely made that way for study reasons, that's how I get to the right version one. I don't really wanted to make a detailed concept. Just a study, but I like it very much how it gets to the spirit of the character and I do love the painting.

By the way, this is one of my first paintings with a brush I made from scratch, and is much better developed now

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