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As far as collabs go, I think this is about as good as it can get. There's such a great variety of styles, and even the lower quality animations just WORK with the theme. Interesting how a good number of these were faithful retellings, while others took some hilarious creative liberties (the hamburger eating Chalmer's face? lol)

"I'm not a fuckin' water bear."

This was one of the better episodes. Impressively long, too. As I've stated before the graphics feel a little rough in some places though not in others (like the sun peoples' outlines have a weird color clash going on.) The overall animation quality is quite good, and Captain Tardigrade himself makes for a good anti-hero. Keep it up.

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This was pretty good. The gore had an impressive amount of detail, and the episode's concept felt original (not just a rehash of the pilot.) I still think the voices need a bit of work, and the comedic timing feels a little off, too, although the content is all there.

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You've really outdone yourself this time. When I first played Slave Lord it seemed like a good proof of concept, but it was riddled with issues, mainly the artwork and interface feeling extremely inconsistent. With the theme changing from a medieval setting to something futuristic, I was somewhat concerned the theme wouldn't feel quite as natural, but this installment is several leaps and bounds ahead of its predecessor, and I really can't overstate how good of a job you did here.

First of all, the amount of content in this game is staggering. Some of the scenes (particularly with the pixies and catgirls, or scenes with both Layla and Kaleena) do have some basic palate swaps, but with that aside there's still a gigantic number of distinct scenes present, and nearly all of them are drawn perfectly.

That being said, the H-scenes are probably the least engaging part of this game, believe it or not. The sheer length and amount of content present here make this a real adventure, and the backstory behind the characters makes it far more interesting to interact with them. The puzzles are mostly interesting (barring the really boring rock paper scissors minigame) yet the H-scenes are simple enough that they never break immersion. The secret achievements add an extra layer of completeness to this game (I especially liked that there was an entire scene hidden as a result of making the candle an unlockable.)

After seeing how much you've improved in virtually every area, I should mention that the audio in these games is straggling behind pretty badly. Whatever music you're using (I assume some free unlicensed music) gets repetitive with such a long game and oftentimes isn't really needed anyway. The dialogue, which comes in both sexy and funny flavors, would really pop with some voice acting, and the H-scene voices are really quite weak.

I have a few other minor nitpicks, but nothing major. The rest of my criticisms are generally directed at Flash's assets being a little more obvious than they should, with the line tool being pretty conspicuous in Scantor's map (Endoron looks gorgeous though,) the obvious use of the glow filter, the cliche and cheatable mouse mazes, and the style of animation not really suiting my style. For the record, my preferred style of animation happens to be extremely specific (Rock-Candy is the only animator here that seems to consistently hit the mark) and it would be extremely unfair to hold you to my (snobbishly high) standards, but I do feel animation is another straggler as you continually improve these games.

Main takeaways from this? This is one of the most thorough and complete experiences of an adult game that I've played. There are some vestigial quirks of your old works that still need to be revamped, but at the rate you're improving these are clearly temporary gripes.

As far as suggestions, you first order of business should be to get some voice actresses. This game has racked up a million plays and you have over 3,000 patrons at this point. You clearly have enough exposure to outsource your audio to some talented women so you're not stuck using crappy free assets.

My other suggestion would be to give the H-scenes a bit more nuance. This game's complexity is where its appeal comes from, but most of that complexity is focused on things outside of the H-scenes, and I think that's holding you back. Fekfek's game Rack does this by playing with player objectives other than reaching orgasm. Obviously the amount of work it would take implement that much depth into the immense number of scenes you have (as compared to the one scene used in Rack) would be a tremendous amount of work, but you could always limit each scene to one or two extra mechanics. Anyway, combining that kind of depth with the story and characterization that this already has would really pound the competition into the dust.

Keep improving this game. You're doing a fantastic job and it shows.

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pinktea responds:

Thanks for the very helpful and honest review. I will give serious consideration to the points you've made when working on future projects.


I'm not sure I see the appeal here. The music and graphics are pretty bland, with the only really attractive element being the color scheme which sets the tone quite nicely.

There are a handful of issues with the rest of it. The dialogue has numerous translation errors, making it come across as awkward more often than not. More than that, the game aspect of this feels inorganic and distracting. The way the brother slaloms up and down is weird. If you get too far behind, both of you fall off the screen. The arrows on the road give you some reason to move up and down, but just feel out of place in a submission like this. The grabbing mechanic also feels kind of weird, especially since you only ever really do it once, and the whole concept of chasing a guy down in the middle of an endless road just doesn't feel realistic. Forward movement feels useless because you never need to go any other direction. The repeating houses get old fast. Need I say more?

Ultimately this comes across as a rather uninspired proof of concept. I see the need for these types of games to exist, but the execution here just felt weird. In your defense, content like this is hard to make right. Some folks at MIT tried (and failed) at exactly this task when they made Elude, so it honestly would have been more surprising to see a game do this correctly. Either way, this game just didn't wow me.

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bioszard responds:

Thanks for your feedback, my friend. I'll really think about this issues you brought here.

My goal in this game in this game was just to show that many times we tell things to depressed people that just not help the situation. In my humble opinion, we must just welcome depressed people, making them feel confortable, not encouraging, not judging nor creating expectations based on their own will.

Besides that, I was forced to think about and implement (almos alone) 2 different game genres within 72h, for LD41 (I'm not justifying my fauls, just telling the develop context). You are completly right, my translations skills are not that good, I'll try to improve that. Thanks for your time.

I played this back on mobile and was impressed with the overall smoothness and playability of the game. There are some minor flaws of course - reused graphics, and some weird physics when standing on moving platforms - but for the most part the game feels comfortable. While it's good that the game is simple (as the controls on mobile really don't lend themselves to complexity) I would have liked to see a bit more environmental variety - perhaps different kinds of enemies, or platforms that offered more than the basic Unity physics prefabs.

Most of the issues dealing with actual enjoyability stem from level design. A lot of the difficulty is concentrated in the earlier levels, and while you can usually skip particularly hard levels and farm eggs elsewhere, it's still weird that the second half of the game (and bosses) are comparatively easy, especially when the bubble level is downright brutal (and frustrating, since it's so easy to slip off of them.) It would have made sense to make all of the levels somewhat easy, but for the eggs to be put in especially difficult places. On that note, it would have also been nice for collecting all eggs in a level to provide something, even if it were only cosmetic such as player skins.

Overall my biggest disappointment here is that the game feels like a very generic platformer, even though I've known you to come up with some really outstanding original concepts such as Nodes, Draw Play, and Battle Fish. Battle Fish in particular strikes me as a game that could be outstanding on mobile, given its simple control scheme as well as how much more enjoyable it would be in a less laggy platform such as Unity.

Eggy responds:

Thank you Kwing. You are correct I didn't space out the difficulty on the levels as well as I should have unfortunately. I didn't feel it was that generic, since I havn't made anything with physics like this before.

Thanks for the review.

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This is good. Clear sound and lots of energy. That said, some of the repeating sections really put me off, since this piece was fast with no breaks and the repetition wasn't broken up enough to get a feel for the structure.

Oh, interesting. I recognize the backing riff from The Other Side. I'm a big fan of the grungy sound (and singing.) Aside from finishing it, the only thing that might be worth changing is the amount of distortion at the 1 minute mark - at a certain point it's really too much.

RealFaction responds:

Thanks, I really would like to redo this song. The guitars in the prechorus and chorus are kinda shit in the mix so I plan on redoing those. And the vocals.

All of the compositional elements are here I think (although it took a while for the song to properly build up) but a few parts just felt a bit bare to me. An extra layer of synth here or there might have helped create a more complete soundscape, which is usually what you want for this kind of fast-paced action music.

RealFaction responds:

Ah well I was trying to keep it close to Mona Lisa Overdrive lol.

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I really like the color palate here, as well as the super smooth popping motion he does as he comes back (looks better than the melting part, honestly.) Only thing I might change is the melting being completely symmetrical - I think it would have looked a bit better if it were messy.

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gatekid3 responds:

the melting isn't completely symmetrical. maybe its not asymmetrical to notice, but its not symmetrical.

Something kind of puts me off about this image. Maybe it's how alike the raindrops look, maybe it's the weird layering of darkness around the model, maybe it's the weird single-shade hill she's standing on, but this just looks wrong. The smudgy effects make it look pretty but there isn't enough detail.

The amount of detail in this is absurd. From a distance it looks photorealistic, and she's pretty cute on top of that. Bottom lip looks a tad big and the eyebrows are a tiny bit too heavy but this is crazy talent.

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