The Big Move

2016-09-20 23:12:29 by Kwing

I could have sworn my last news post was only a couple months ago, but lo and behold it's been over half a year. I've gotten my Associate's Degree and I'm now 200 miles away from home working on my BS. Kind of crazy to think of how much has really happened in that time.

Exciting as the experience has been, I can't help getting the feeling that I'm drifting farther away from what I really enjoy doing. These past months have been far too busy for me to make games, and there's been too much pressure for me to do anything music-related aside from battles. I'm not planning on quitting either of these things, but I do wish that I could be working on my own projects right now instead of slaving over coursework. It's weird to think that the one thing I miss most after moving actually involves me being alone.

The good news is that as long as it may take, I am at college to solidify everything I need to know to make the shit I've been wanting to. Games like Threshold and Don't Get Chewed (the successor to Don't Get Your Ass Chewed On) are still a long way off, but working on Black Bill in my Creative Writing class promises more imminent progress. There's also an outstanding music studio here, so my vocal-mixing abilities should actually be decent by the time I'm done.

Not sure what else to say except that I miss making stuff. That said, I'm hoping by the time this is all over I'll be way better at it.


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2016-09-20 23:20:03

Well, congrats! I'm working on my BS right now in animation, so I understand what it's like to be drifted away from being too busy.

Just do what you can whenever you're fully free, you know?

As a fellow artist, I wish the best to you. =)

Kwing responds:

Hey, thanks! I'm just hoping I still have the creative spark three years from now.


2016-09-21 18:55:05

I'm sure you will! Artists never lose their touch for too long. lol

Kwing responds:

Try telling that to an adult.


2016-09-27 23:45:20

I'm an adult, but you do have a Good point there, lol.

Nevertheless, I still wish you the best!

Kwing responds:



2016-09-28 11:29:32

shit man. well at least you have your associates degree.

Q ~~

Kwing responds:

Yeah, I'm kind of glad that I broke my degree into two parts.


2016-10-17 08:35:05

Bit late, but good luck!

Kwing responds:

Ay, thanks!


2017-04-19 02:45:37

Congrats on being User of the Day today!

Kwing responds:

Hey, thanks!