PR2's Level Collab

2012-12-09 22:51:14 by Kwing

Well, the Level Collab, a project I started at Jiggmin's Village almost two months ago, has finally been finished. You can see how the level turned out below:

Other than that, not much has been happening. I've still got tons of game ideas, and I'm still not pursuing any of them. Now that I'm back in contact with an old friend, I may be making a game with her. I've recently gotten an idea for a simple (easy to program) yet fun RPG that will play kind of similar to Half-Minute Hero. Hopefully I can get somewhere with that.


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2012-12-15 16:51:41

Oh exciting new projects! yay!

Kwing responds:

Hey, where the hell have you been? >:c


2012-12-16 13:57:22

guarding officers for NATO that were training people to kill pirates in africa.
nothing exciting though.

Kwing responds:

: c


2012-12-24 04:17:16

Would you make a run or rape game of me exploring the darkest depths of the internet and making rainbows my kissing other girls? just a theoritical question...

I'd voice act it, i guess.

Kwing responds:

I typically don't make games unless I have really good ideas for mechanics or level design. But I think I could get something like that to work.

Maybe you would carry around a smartphone and you could type in websites to warp to different levels? That would be fun; nobody would ever know if they had visited every website yet!

I could also see some kind of thing where you have to look at peoples profiles and figure out if they're legit female or not. That would be funny.

If I could find a good artist for a game like that, I would totally do it. I think Rock-Candy might be able to help me, he does some pretty good furry art.


2012-12-24 15:59:22

Cloud eater is good at background art and graphic design. I think Rock may want some type of tho, but his animation is pretty pro! Another up and coming animator is FrostDrive, but may be less of an adult game then, cuz I don't think that's his style. more of a titty and adult themed thing. Additional artists would probably be needed to. :D


Kwing responds:

It sucks that I only have Flash 8... I can't really trade projects back and forth when the data is incompatible. :c


2012-12-26 03:32:07

Hey I can animate as well as do backgrounds/graphic design Pinky. Probably better than I can do backgrounds and other stuff. Though that kinda depends on the style that I'm doing and all that.

I can't find a version of Flash 8 anymore.. :c
As3 is much better than As2 anyway so I use Cs5.5 now.

Kwing responds:

Yeah, well I'm stuck with some pretty dated equipment.


2013-04-24 19:00:39

I was going zig zag with this

Kwing responds:



2013-05-26 00:46:34

I 5'd your recent game cos yolo and i like you.

Kwing responds:

Oh hell, I really ought to update my blog.


2013-06-05 17:50:57

meant game on that review i did

Kwing responds:

Oh hey dude.