PewDiePie Adventures!

2012-01-29 20:31:47 by Kwing

Between class and work I haven't really had the stamina for making any particularly long or complex games, so I haven't done bug testing for Diablo PSP or looked into making an engine for my SRPG yet... But I have managed to make a 10-minute long platformer for the YouTube celebrity PewDiePie. The engine is solid, the gameplay is fun, and as short as it is I really enjoy playing it! Once my artist Milla finishes the intro and ending cutscenes, I'll be able to submit it and hope it turns out well! On top of that, I've decided to release the game's source publicly so people can mod it however they want.

PewDiePie Adventures!


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2012-01-30 01:06:08

I'll definitely check it out, I just recently discovered PewDiePie and was watching him like all week <3 Save kitty cat, gotta love mah save kitty kayut..... I do have to assume, hope, or at least ask that Stephano is in it :D

Kwing responds:

Yes, although he's a bit... Bigger... Than you would expect. PewDiePie, Stephano, and Piggy are all playable characters, each with their own-Well... I suppose I shouldn't give TOO much away.


2012-01-30 18:01:27


Kwing responds:

Even better, it has medals approved now :D


2012-02-10 12:48:01

Carley is gay

Kwing responds:

iCarly is




2012-03-02 01:01:21

I-I-I..... I ejaculated.

Kwing responds:

I've been sitting on the almost-finished product of PewDiePie Adventures waiting for Milla to finish the artwork for multiple weeks now, so I'm itching to release it just as much as you are.


2012-03-04 21:35:24

Or you could just go have an adventure and PewDIEPie

Kwing responds:

Blasphemy! PewDiePie is an adventure all on his own.


2012-03-15 18:51:45

Can not what. [Brofist].

Kwing responds:

Me neither! I've been waiting for my artist to finish her part for over a month >:/


2012-04-29 19:12:58

ITS BILLSHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kwing responds:

The shit of a duck-billed platypus, perhaps?


2012-05-01 03:43:45

WHAT TEH FUCK that immage is scary.

Kwing responds:

It's a bunch of dots.