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Proverbs Level 10 Proverbs Level 10 Rated Stars A penny saved is a penny earned. Skill - Collect Arr Pea Gee (Demo) Arr Pea Gee (Demo) Rated Stars Help Bob and Clyde defeat their creators! Adventure - RPG S-RPG PSP Adaption 17.9 S-RPG PSP Adaption 17.9 Rated Stars Stick-Figure Role-Playing Game: Playstation Portable Adaption Version 15.3! Adventure - RPG Run Over Old People Run Over Old People Rated Stars Ever get pissed at old people that cross the street ever so slowly? It's payback time!! Sports - Racing A Game Only You Can Play A Game Only You Can Play Rated Stars Kwing's 2nd RRRR Game! Skill - Other Jolly Tech Jolly Tech Rated Stars A Crappy Game for a Crappy Song! Skill - Collect Platform Tutorial AS2 Platform Tutorial AS2 Rated Stars One of the Best Platform Engines of All Time! Of All Time!! Tutorial Cel-Shading Tutorial Cel-Shading Tutorial Rated Stars Learn how to cell-shade objects! Tutorial Platform B Demo Platform B Demo Rated Stars B's Epic Platform... But it Never Got Finished... Platformer - Other Smidge in Toaster Land 2 Smidge in Toaster Land 2 Rated Stars Thanks for Top 50 Guys! 1KBWC: Deck 1 (Kwing) 1KBWC: Deck 1 (Kwing) Rated Stars Kwing's first 1000 Blank Cards deck! Draggable Peg Tutorial Draggable Peg Tutorial Rated Stars Make a Draggable Peg! Proverbs Level 5 Proverbs Level 5 Rated Stars Proverbs - Level 5! Don't Leave, Terkoiz! Don't Leave, Terkoiz! Rated Stars Stop Terkoiz from retiring! Happy Birthday Rivz! Happy Birthday Rivz! Rated Stars Happy Birthday Rivz! Dead Rising 2 Dead Rising 2 Rated Stars A Classic Zombie Shoot-Em-Up! Medals Added! S-RPG PSP Adaption 13.1 S-RPG PSP Adaption 13.1 Rated Stars Stick-Figure Role-Playing Game: Playstation Portable Adaption Version 12.0! Bounce Physics Tutorial Bounce Physics Tutorial Rated Stars Simulate a Bouncing Ball! Tutorial The Not-Hentai Quiz The Not-Hentai Quiz Rated Stars If Hentai is What You Want, You'll Be Sadly Disappointed Puzzles - Quiz Kwing's Sprite Maker Kwing's Sprite Maker Rated Stars Make Your Own Sprite! Over 1500 Tiles to Paint the Color of Your Choosing! Over 40 Colors! Gadgets - Other Fishy Remix Fishy Remix Rated Stars XGen's Classic Fishy... Remixed! Skill - Collect Melee/Ranged Fight Game Melee/Ranged Fight Game Rated Stars Small Hack'n'Slash Run'n'Gun Game. Fighting - VS Tank Game Tutorial Tank Game Tutorial Rated Stars Make a Tank Game! Tutorial
Hoverman Racing Hoverman Racing Rated Stars Vroom Vroom! Embark on a Fast Action Adventure! Platformer - Other The Ornament The Ornament Rated Stars My First Tile Game! Puzzles - Sliding Have Fun And Be Stupid Have Fun And Be Stupid Rated Stars ???? Puzzles - Other S-RPG PSP Adaption 11.0 S-RPG PSP Adaption 11.0 Rated Stars Stick-Figure Role-Playing-Game: Playstation Portable Adaption (Version 11.0) Adventure - RPG Kwing's Board Games Kwing's Board Games Rated Stars 6 Enticing Board Games! Strategy - Other Lab Rat Maze [DEMO] Lab Rat Maze [DEMO] Rated Stars This Maze is More Than Meets the Eye! Adventure - Other Kwing's Game Kwing's Game Rated Stars It's my game! Skill - Other Unconventionality: Maze Unconventionality: Maze Rated Stars A Crazy Game Inspired by RRRR and Cheat2Win! Sports - Boxing Smidge in Toaster Land Smidge in Toaster Land Rated Stars ZOMG! TOASTERS! Skill - Avoid 3D Interactive Preloader 3D Interactive Preloader Rated Stars Download this Cool 3D Interactive Preloader for your Flash File! Brackenwood: The Game Brackenwood: The Game Rated Stars Play as Bitey in the Wonderful World of Brackenwood! Skill - Avoid Madness Battle RPG Madness Battle RPG Rated Stars Fight a 1337 agent, Jesus, and even the Auditor in this action-packed (not really) game. Mad Pink Sunglasses Mad Pink Sunglasses Rated Stars One man can only tolerate so much of the stupid 1337 pink sunglasses... Shooter - Fixed 30 Submissions 30 Submissions Rated Stars In Celebration of my 30th Submission... Reunited in Hell Reunited in Hell Rated Stars A Beautiful Story of Friendship and Revenge Levels on the Go! Levels on the Go! Rated Stars Build your own Custom Levels on the Go! Interactive Adventure Interactive Adventure Rated Stars OBEY!! Dude, Where's My B? Dude, Where's My B? Rated Stars Click the B as many times as you can in a minute! -Twins- -Twins- Rated Stars A Simple Game that's like Portal Mixed with Shift! Smidge Smidge Rated Stars Everybody's favorite little black ball! Dead Rising Dead Rising Rated Stars Classic shoot-em-up zombie survival game! Stick RPG: PSP Adaption Stick RPG: PSP Adaption Rated Stars The hit RPG now available for download onto your PSP! Adventure - RPG Rule The World Rule The World Rated Stars Can you do it? Kate Soundboard Kate Soundboard Rated Stars NOO ETIN ON DA BUUS! PSP RPG Special Edition PSP RPG Special Edition Rated Stars Role-Playing Game for a Sony PSP... Special Edition Madness RPG for your PSP Madness RPG for your PSP Rated Stars Madness RPG for your PSP Blaster Blaster Rated Stars Kwing's Fast-Paced Classic Shooter. Dark Maze Dark Maze Rated Stars Guide Your Cursor Through 7 Challenging Dark Mazes Tech-Avoider Tech-Avoider Rated Stars Dodge the Falling Blocks! Real-Time Battles Real-Time Battles Rated Stars Learn How to Make Real Time Battles! RPG for the Sony PSP RPG for the Sony PSP Rated Stars This game's SWF is downloadable for the Sony PSP! Kwing's Maze Kwing's Maze Rated Stars Slip Through 11 Challenging Mazes! Shooter Demo Shooter Demo Rated Stars Blast the crap out of your enemy! Skullapult Skullapult Rated Stars How Far Can Your Skull Fly? Platform Tutorial Platform Tutorial Rated Stars Make a platform game with Artificial Intelligence, a dynamic camera, and more!