Entry #46


2017-05-16 00:39:58 by Kwing

Finished up a year at my current university and now I'm all moved into an apartment. Feels like things should be settling down but somehow I'm not any more relaxed.

Related to content, I put out a flurry of battles earlier in the year and I've been competing in Game Jams which account for several new games on Newgrounds. I was pleased to see Rex: Origins make the front page and Underdog of the Week. So far it feels ike a pretty successful year.

I'm planning to do a project where I put out a new song (or two) every day for a week and effectively make an album in seven days. I have the topics I want to write about but the challenge is to do all the writing and recording within that time. This will likely happen sometime in July when I have the time.

Final note, I've been practicing Agario every day and honing my skills as a competitive player. Still looking for people to team with but as far as solo play is concerned I'm virtually unbeatable in one on one matches.



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